iPad mini (2019) review

The only small tablet you should consider.

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40 Easter Gift Ideas 2019

What are you going to gift your loved one this Easter? I know it is quite an overwhelming task to choose an Easter gift for your kids, mother, wife and friends. All your efforts might go wasted if the receiving does not find the gift enticing. I think kids get happy easily, it should not be hard for anyone to choose an Easter gift because there are off the shelf Easter baskets in at the stores that include toys, chocolates and other stuff. Choosing an Easter gift for an adult or grown-ups is challenging because they only get happy when something dazzling is given to them.

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6 Tips for People Planning To Go Blonde

Blonde is one of the four main types of hair colors. The rest are brunette, redheads, and gray. Blonde hair is pale yellow in color, and it is the most popular hairstyle, as it is associated with beauty. It is for this reason that men find blonde women attractive. However, being blonde has its unique stereotypes. Blondes can be perceived to be less intelligent than brunettes are. Despite this, blondes are more socially likable since women of this hair color are generally perceived to be sexy and fun loving. No wonder more people do consider changing their hair colors to blonde to pep up their personality. Here are some valuable tips before you dye your hair blonde:

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